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Catalog Printing Methods

The team at My Catalog Source, as part of our quality printing services, will work with you to select the most appropriate printing option for your small business catalog printing project. We select the most suitable print method to meet your full colour catalog project goal. Whether your online printing request is for a product catalog, a manual or any of the other uses for your business catalog, My Catalog Source uses the printing method that best suites your needs, budget and timeline.

Digital Catalog Printing
Digital catalog printing offers superior print quality as an alternative to offset printing. Digital color printing is ideal for short run quantities and catalogs and brochures with high resolution images.

Offset Color Catalog Printing
Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Compared to other printing methods, offset full color catalog printing is best suited for cost-effectively producing large volumes of high quality catalogs and is very affordable for all businesses.

4 color print catalogs prepared on offset printers have high image quality with sharp and clean product images and allows for quick turn-around time for online printing projects.

Affordable and Professional Color Catalog Printing
Designing and printing product catalogs doesn’t need to be expensive, confusing or time consuming. My Catalog Source provides discounted printing quotes for:

  • full color catalogs
  • full color digital print catalogs
  • 4 color small business catalogs
  • print catalog design
  • custom catalog print orders
  • wholesale catalog printing

Get your FREE quote and see how the team at My Catalog Source can help you stay within budget and produce the highest quality catalogs and brochures.

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Advantages of Printing with My Catalog Source:

  • Save Money – Our highly competitive pricing saves you up to 30% as compared to local printers.
  • Premium Products and Services – Our team of experienced printing experts and top quality products mean your satisfaction is guaranteed – the FIRST time.
  • Delivery – We manage your project from start to finish and can cost-effectively ship your order anywhere in the world.

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