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With the emerging technologies, the printing industry has seen many changes in itself. Printing techniques, post printing procedures and costs have considerably changed in the recent decades with new Eco friendly printing. One of the major innovations has evolved the use of recycled paper printing.

Old and traditional printing techniques make use of the petroleum inks which creates harmful destructive volatile organic wastes. These can result in harmful diseases like cancer or asthma attacks in the long run. They also use fossil oils for machines which can be very harmful for the environment. It is very shocking that the printing industry is ranked 4th in the list of major pollutants in the atmosphere around. Other hazardous things that traditional printing produces are waste paper, lubricating fluids, chemicals, inks, and solvent, dirty rag, filter, absorbents, process wastewater, printing plates and empty product containers.

But eco friendly printing companies have substituted these hazardous materials with soy or vegetable inks. The recycling of papers is also taking place to minimize the waste in the industry. With the concerns of greenhouse gases and increasing pollution levels, the eco friendly printing companies are now switching to more green and print green policies. The printing houses are using recycled papers for printing. Eco friendly printing methods are quiet cheaper than other traditional printing methods. The eco friendly printing companies are much concerned with the waste disposals and help to maintain the environmental pollution. Eco friendly printing involves the use of post – consumer waste processed chlorine free uncoated, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), made with the help of renewable energy sources like wind or solar power, soy ink or vegetables ink. The companies use waterless system which reduces the dampening systems. Moreover the binders, adhesives and foil stamps are also being taken cared of using eco friendly methods. My Catalog Source’s professional catalog printing services have assisted many small businesses stretch their marketing and communication budgets with high quality custom print catalogs.

Thus eco friendly printing methods are highly recommended by social activists and corporate house. More and more traditional printing companies are now turning themselves to eco friendly printing companies concerning about the environment.

Eco-friendly printing is the smart choice for our customers and our business at My Catalog Source, but see for yourself by requesting a free quote today! It’s never too late to experience discounts of up to 30 percent!

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