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Commercial digital printing opens the doors for millions of businesses and customers who would otherwise print in house. Commercial printing costs less than using consumer or business class products. New technologies enable printers to receive orders electronically and in real time – without the hassle of shipping physical documents. Digital printing also makes it possible for people to submit short run jobs, which were not possible with physical presses, litho, and offset prints.

Nearly everything that is created for print today comes from a computer, which is why commercial printing companies encourage electronic usage. Rather than exporting files, saving them onto a CD, and shipping it to the printer, businesses can upload files directly to the printers. Printers use software and hardware to streamline the operations, reducing lead times and increasing client satisfaction.

How Commercial Digital Printing Works

  • The customer creates the file using their favorite application, such as Word or InDesign, and saves the file to their computer.
  • The customer accesses the printer’s online storefront, uploads their files, and contacts the company to set up the job parameters and payment.
  • The printer reviews the client’s file, makes note of any abnormalities or errors, and sends an electronic proof to the client.
  • The client approves the proof and the job is executed using the latest in digital technology. Customers are notified when their orders are ready to ship or pick up.

The ordering process is a breeze for both companies and consumers; however, commercial digital printing is all about saving time and money. Consider the costs of having a high end duplication device (copier, printer, etc), the labor associated copying and printing documents, as well as the supply and administrative costs. It isn’t economical to attempt to run large jobs in house.

Commercial digital printing solves the cost and time issue by providing fast turnaround times. Commercial printers are able to get toner, paper, and equipment for cheap because of the amount of printing they perform, which enables them to pass the savings onto the customer. Commercial printing is the smart choice for the budget conscious businessperson.

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