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Five Advantages of Commercial Color Printing

Commercial color printing is the latest and greatest craze hitting the printing industry. While color printing used to be an amenity reserved for the high rollers, almost anyone can print in color these days! Getting your custom color catalogs  only saves you up to 30% on your print job but also guarantees your catalogs are of the highest quality!

Consumers have been able to print in color for years now, but it is still cost prohibitive for most businesses. Using commercial color printing at My Catalog Source easily solves this solution, as the costs are deferred and the company doesn’t pay a fortune. New equipment enables color printing to occur seamlessly, without the need for tedious process printing, which takes several runs to complete.

  1. Businesses can send their jobs – whether large or small – to the color printing company seamlessly, without having to mail documents or order forms. Online printing enables their documents to be submitted to the printing company in real time, in the native file format. Technology has improved to the extent that you can almost print anything, including popular Adobe and Quark files.
  2. Digital printing enables all of the colors to appear on the page at once, unlike the old days of process printing, in which each color had to be sent separately. This reduces labor costs, electrical usage, and decreases the average time per job. Color printing is ideal for large and small jobs.
  3. Commercial color printing defrays the costs to your business – you would be paying much more if using in house equipment. By using a commercial provider, businesses experience dramatic savings of up to 30 percent. The toner, paper, equipment, and labor costs less with these larger companies. Via bulk contracts and partnerships, printing companies pay far less per page than the average small business. With short turnaround times and expedited delivery, it’s a desirable solution for many.
  4. Commercial color printing revitalizes your business and its marketing materials, documents, and other printed goods. Add flair and style for a fraction of the cost! Customers will flock to your establishment once they see the attractive brochures, flyers, posters, business cards – and much more! Highlight your company with color printing and see the difference.
  5. Color printing costs less, which is the number one factor when choosing a commercial printing company. Businesses love saving money, and like to pass on their savings to the customer.

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Advantages of Printing with My Catalog Source:

  • Save Money – Our highly competitive pricing saves you up to 30% as compared to local printers.
  • Premium Products and Services – Our team of experienced printing experts and top quality products mean your satisfaction is guaranteed – the FIRST time.
  • Delivery – We manage your project from start to finish and can cost-effectively ship your order anywhere in the world.

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